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LED DRLs For Porsche 987.1 Facelift Styling

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* 2005-2008 Porsche Boxter 987.1 Chassis Roadster

* As seen on 2009+ facelift style that features LED for front bumper light.
* The bumper LED light has the facelift DRL (daytime running light) style but it is not an actual DRL.
* For usage, the lights that illuminate white and operate as parking light, For the top row of white LED nodes, they turn on when you switch on the fog lights.
* Equipped with 9 high power LEDs on each side, with optical lens to create unify large round LED beam output.
* Amazing true LED technology, energy efficient, super fast reaction, long lasting.
* Plug & play, no modification, error free installation.
* Optional clear or smoke lens to choose from.

* The DRLs do not fit on 987.2 (facelift) model.
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