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Outdoor Power Batteries & Chargers

Код товара: HL-237
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  • Power:
    200W 300W 500W 1000W
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  • Описание
AC continuous output power: 300W
AC peak power: 600W
AC output voltage: AC pure sine wave 220v / 50Hz
Or AC110v / 60Hz
Output waveform: pure sine wave
Battery type: 3.6v2550mAh (7S20P)
Battery capacity: 514.08Wh (14.4v35.7Ah)
Battery type: lithium-ion battery (supports up to 3C discharge)
DC output: Cigarette holder 12v constant voltage and DC head 12v constant voltage total 10A
USB output: USB2.0 5V2A / USB QC3.0 / Type-C
Charging time: 5-6H
Charging voltage and current: DC18-30V 5A (MAX) / Solar 18V
Housing colors: send randomly

Ideal sine wave AC, stable without damage
Sine wave - ideal power source in current, the output waveform is the same as the mains
Compatible with multiple devices without harming the device
Positive and negative waveform fluctuations, strong stability

Three output methods
Meet various equipment power supply
Multifunctional interface design to meet the needs of USB, AC, car charger interface equipment
Think for you in all directions, think what you think

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